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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

What happened after a hacker hacked into your YouTube Channel?

On January 5, 2018, three hackers hacked into my YouTube channel and they changed themselves the owners of my YouTube channel.  They then changed me (the owner) to a manager role which it does not have full control of all features of a YouTube channel account.  They applied and got approved a payment account with Freedom.tm (a third party payment business who handling payment earned on ads shown on your videos on YouTube and pay the dollars earned to you) and the hackers changed the payment (AdSense) from my YouTube Channel to their account at Freedom.

The top three are hackers who hacked into my YouTube Channel on January 5, 2018.  

They are going after the dollars earned on ads shown on my YouTube Channel.

I contacted YouTube Support and Freedom Support:

YouTube Support pointed me to read their information online and if I am not satisfied, they recommended me to report the issue to law enforcement.  There is no solution from YouTube Support on the hacking and they do not wanted to be a part of it.

Freedom Support said they cannot do anything on their end and they wanted me to put a requested to unlink to Freedom on my YouTube account to eliminate Freedom as the MCN.   I put a requested to unlink Freedom but the hackers who are in control of my YouTube channel kept canceling the requested to unlink.

The hackers changed payment earned from my YouTube Channel to Freedom on January 5, 2018.

Click here to read the emails trailing with YouTube Support.

My solution to the issue:  As today, 02/28/2018, YouTube does not have a credential system to ensure a YouTube channel belong to the right owner.  Whenever a hacker hacked into your YouTube Channel account and changed him/her self to the owner of your YouTube Channel Account then that is it. YouTube does not wanted to do anything about it.  The best solution for you to do is to remove all your videos from your hacked YouTube Channel (to prevent any earning dollars go to the hackers) and create a new one and start from the bottom.  

I hope YouTube will implement such a system as I mentioned to prevent hackers to hack into YouTubers’ account.

I also hope this information will help everyone to think ahead about hackers hacked into their YouTube Channel.

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