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Friday, June 17, 2016

Duab Paj Yeeb yees los ntawm lub SONY XDCAM Camcorder PXW-X70 siv 4K 100Mbps - 06/17/2016

Cov duab hauv qab no yog yees los ntawm kuv lub SONY XDCAM Camcorder PXW-X70 siv 4K 100Mbps.  Lub Camcorder no yees tsis tau duab li cov koob yees duab.  Cov duab nej pom no yog muab los ntawm cov video yees tawm los xwb.  Cov duab no yog yees lub 06/17/2016.

Cov duab paj yeeb no tsis yog yeeb tiag yog paj yeeb cog saib ua paj xwb.  Nyob rau teb chaws meskas, muaj cov paj yeej cog saib ua paj no tom tej khw rau sawv daws cog saib kom zoo nkauj.

Note.  These are not opium.  They are flowers only.  They are available at store for people to plant for flower during the summer time.

The following flowers are taken directly from my SONY XDCAM Camcorder PXW-X70 using 4K 100Mbps.  This particular camcorder cannot take photo.  These photos are taken directly from video freeze frame.

If you should have any questions, contact me at info@shrdo.com.

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